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Damavand Trekking Tour-7 Days

Damavand Trekking -Greetingiran tour and travel agency

Iran is truly one of the worlds beautiful countries, not just in nature but in its culture and variety of ethnic groups inhabiting it. Compared to trekking in other countries in the region, Iran offers better serviced trekking routes making trekking easy and comfortable. Though if you are not inclined to stay in teahouse and want a more wild experience there are limitless opportunities for camping and fully self supported remote trekking in Iran.

Note:There are several routes to Damavand summit which each one will be chosen depend on ability of climber.
Day 1st:
Early meeting at airport and 3 hours drive to villages of “Ploor” and “Rineh”.After a short rest 5 hours trekking to 3rd shelter of Damavand (the shelter has the capacity of 200 pax and the vacancy depends on the day we get there.)Overnight at 3rd shelter.

Day 2nd:
By light backpacks(Heavy backpacks will be left in chelter) climb to summit and after one hour rest return to shelter and overnight at shelter.

Day 3rd:
From shelter drive to village of “Rineh” and after lunch and some rest drive to “Savad kooh” village and overnight at confluence of forest and river.

Day 4th:
Drive to “Sang kooh”(Rock Mountain) village and shelter of “Khar-O-Naro” and shelter in camp at the side of spring.

Day 5th:
Return to “Sange deh” village and drive to “Badab sourt” spring (15 k.m if Semnan-Kiasar causeway) after a rest drive to cohort lake and after visiting the lake drive back to Tehran and overnight at hotel.

Day 6th:
Full city tour of Tehran to visit Golestan Palace that is both a historic site and museum. It is a complex that consists of 17 palaces, museums, and Halls and it is worth to spend a few hours to visit its luxuriously decorated rooms, nice and big dining area and ballroom and well landscaped Gardens and fountains. Tehran Bazaar, The Archaeological museum or national museum of Iran that represents you many different periods of Iran’s rich history, Jewellery Museum & Carpet Museum. overnight Tehran.

Day 7th:
Transfer to airport for departure.

All seasons have their own attractions. Thanks to such a diverse geography, you can have all kinds of climates in any season in Iran. In general, spring and autumn are the best time to visit Iran even if the weather may be a little uncertain with short lapses into either the cold of winter or the heat of summer. More accurate is mid-April to early June, and late September to early November. Also you can also relive the charming atmosphere in the Persian Gulf islands during January and February. These are called the high seasons of tourism. In other months of the year, in some areas, there will be very hot or very cold for those who aren’t familiar with such extreme weather conditions.

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