An American mainstream media confessing the growth of the number of the western tourists visiting Iran, tired to politicize even the tourism industry which can help the people to people relation all over the world.
Fox news reported that there has been a five recent growth in westerners visiting Iran between September 1st, 2016 and September 1st, 2017 and Americans make up 14.5 recent of all western arrivals.
Said forwardkeys CEO Oliver Jager ” I expect visitor numbers to increase, so long as Iran’s airport capacity can keep pace.
Iranian Authorities purport to have made more than $8.3 billion in tourism revenue over the year of 2016, an increase of eleven percent over the previous fiscal year, with around 5.5 million foreign travelers setting foot on Iranian soil.
Even though the US still has financial sanctions in full force, hotel groups based outside America, such as the French Accor Group, the UAE’s Rotana and Spain’s Melia, have already made their way in.
There also is an additional promotion of “medical tourism,” in which foreigners can undergo relatively cheap elective and non-elective surgery procedures in plush places.
But due to the three-decades-old American-led embargo, Western credit cards don’t work, meaning travelers must bring wads of cash. The caveat is that local foods, teas, Persian poetry books and nomadic carpets are all on the relatively low-cost side. Crime rates remain extremely low, along with very rare instances of terrorist attacks compared with much of the world, and Iranians of all ages and backgrounds are heralded for their hospitality.
Despite threats of retaliation as President Trump slaps more sanctions on Iran as he continues to review the overall Iranian policy and Obama-era nuclear agreement – formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action – the country’s foreign ministry has specifically stated that it has not retaliated by rejecting American tourist visa applications.