Vakil mosque in Shiraz

One of the toughest historical architectural constructions with praise worthy tile & stone works that was built in 1773 and more tile works were added during next eras. This outstanding mosque was built in Zandiyeh dynasty by the rule of Karim Khan. He called himself “Vakil-o-Ro’aya” (delegate or advocate of people) and ruled really righteously and honestly. He ordered that many public facilities be built such as public bath, mosque, a huge bazaar, many pavements and streets and defending ramparts and battlements around the city. Shiraz was flourished during his kingdom. Before Tehran, Shiraz was the capital of Iran (Persia) during Zandiyeh dynasty.
Vakil mosque is a part of a huge complex containing a bazaar and a bath (Vakil Bazaar and Vakil Bath). Our cultural tour covers visiting this historical spot.