visa issuance

Visa( 30 days in Iran)

it is a New facility for  foreign tourists. 30 days visa issuance in airports of Iran has been executed.  In October 3th council ministers approved, 30 days visa issuance (Visa On Arrival for Iran) that has possibility to be extended to 15 more days.
It has been communicated to the visa and passport offices of foreign ministry  in  international airports.  Foreign minister’s promptitude for obviating foreign tourist’s entrance obstacles and facilitating visa issuance for foreigners is admirable.  However some tour holders and tourists are still unaware of this subject.  It seems that Iran’s diplomatic agencies have not done anything to employ this plan. Before, validity of airport visas for  foreign  travelers was 14 days without ability to be extended. But now, airport visa for foreigners will be issued for their each travel to Iran . From now on, the passport and visa offices of the foreign ministry in Imam Khomeini, Mehrabad, Mashhad, Shiraz and Tabriz airports may issue tourist visa with 1 month validity and ability to be extended to 15 more days, for valid passport holders.

Citizens of these countries may have Visa On Arrival (VOA):

Republic of Azerbaijan, Albania , Austria, Armenia ,Uzbek republic, Spain , Australia , Slovenia , Slovakia, united Arab EMIRATES, Indonesia, Ukraine, Italy, Ireland, Bahrain, Brazil, Brunei, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Russia, Romania , Japan , Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Oman, franc, Palestine, Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan , Qatar , Croatia , south Korea, Columbia, north Korea, Cuba , Kuwait, Georgia, Lebanon, Luxembourg , Poland , Malaysia, Hungary,  Mongolia , Mexico , Norway , new Zealand, Venezuela, Vietnam, Netherlands , India, Yugoslavia and Greek.
This visa is only intended to improve tourism and will be issued for people who have original citizenship of mentioned countries.
So it will  not  be  issued for holders of political, service, commercial, journalist and  foreign correspondent passports and  Iranians having  foreign  passports, who are not Iranian citizens, by Islamic Republic of Iran’s constitution.

Now, citizens of Somalia, America, England, Canada, Bangladesh, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan  can not  receive airport visa. These citizens may refer to Iran agencies in related countries for travel to Iran.

Important to know that in Mashhad airport for citizens of Iraq who have traveled to Iran by airplanes, airport visa will be issued. Iranian authorities try to dissolve foreign tourist’s difficulties and affairs of visa issuance for travelers of 190 countries in order to entrance to Tehran airport.

Likewise, foreign ministry is obligated to employ electronic visa issuance with association of cultural heritage organization, home office and related organizations.

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