The world economic forum announced that for the third consecutive year, Iran is the most affordable country for tourism industry.

   According to report by Iran front page base Iran scored 66.6 point among most cheapest countries for tourists which is ahead of some important countries such as Egypt-Malaysia-Russia-Greek-Spain-America-France and Italy.

10 countries are located at bottom of this list including Peru, Australia,  Denmark, Senegal, Norway, Island, Barbados, England and Sweden.

   The benchmark for world economic forum for affordable price are transportation (Ticket, Taxi, Fuel etc…) and relevant tourism destination (Hotel accommodation, food, services and etc…).

In evaluation of world economic forum to enjoy cultural resources, number of natural sites registered by world heritage known animal species, protected areas and attractiveness of natural capital, Iran ranked 38th.

In this classification Iran has advanced from some European countries such as Czech republic 42-Denmark 43-Hungary 45-Romania 46 and Norway with rank of 47.

The economic forum totally pointed that trip to Iran and the grade of tourism economic affordable of this country for tourism has upgraded four points during the past two years.

This forum has assigned Iran as the 93th country having suitable factors and policies to make it conceivable of sustainable development for trip and tourism sector.

These factors are: Safety and security, Health and hygienic,  Human resources work market and information communication of preparation.

Countries with the best performance in world economic forum list are Spain, France, Germany, Japan, England, America, Australia, Italy, Canada and Switzerland.

While countries with the worst are named as Benin, Lesotho, Nigeria, Mali, Mauritania, Kong, Chad and Yemen.