Since 2006 up to now the 20th of may of each year is called world’s migrant birds. The reason is to have an active collaboration of protecting migrant birds.

Every  year the emblem for world’s migrant birds day will concentrate on special title and target for instance “Their future is our future”. Why this migration is so important to look a special day for it ?

Most species of these birds migrate and this migration or travel of birds are seasonal, round trip and organized.

This trip is a reaction to climate, changes accessing to foods or find a suitable habitat. Presence of birds in district proves the stability of area and authenticity in cycle of nature.

Some of these trips are erratic or one way and some of the birds are natives and sedentary birds and they do not switch to new place and is a taken of stability in habitat.

We should be more sensitive if there is not any appearance of birds in immigration areas such as old wetlands , riversides , forests and plains and if the birds do not come back home , to realize the habitant has loosed is suitable condition and is in danger to admit birds.

With no doubt any ravage and transformation in habitat area will impact on human life condition and here we find out the important  role of human to preserve migrant birds by preparing a safe heaven for them.

There are about 550 species of birds in Iran . 70 percent of which are migrants coming to Iran during the early fall to spend their winter time or come in spring or summer for breeding.

140 species of those breeding in Iran in other hand 95 percent species are real migrant which leave Iran. At autumn to spend the winter in warmer area, most of them fly to southwest and Africa but 12 species of them go to southeast to spend winter in Indian subcontinent.