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Greetingiran is an official website of Goalbang Tour & Travel co., the leading Iranian service company in tourism industry for over 22 years and fully bonded as a member of International Air Transport Association (IATA) with a numeric code 33-2 1132 3. In the following links you can find our skilled tour operator agents outside of Iran. You may contact them to ask about our tours and services or to confirm the bookings. we wish you a comfortable and reliable travel to Iran.



Popular Destinations in Iran

Iran is one of the most beautiful countries, famous for its Several thousand years of history and stunning beauties. The magnificent remnants of the glorious Islamic period are representatives of the advanced architectury and art at those times well shown in the mosques, temples and bazaars especially in the great cities of the time like Isfahan, Shiraz or Tabriz. The magnificent monuments of ancient time in cities like Shiraz or Shush are good examples of the genius developed science and architectury back then like Persepolis or Choghazanbil. In addition Iran’s fabulous natural beauties in all seasons have attracted many tourists to visit for instance Alborz mountainous areas in Tehran and Zagros mountainous areas in Fars province, Harra jungles and coasts of southern parts in 30bus. Boushehr, Bandar abbas, Kish or Qeshm, Kavir and Loot deserts in Kashan, Isfahan or Yazd. Alongside all these beauties in every city of Iran you will face different culture and traditions and will be welcomed with their generous hospitality.